cteddy 0.2   2008-05-04 00:00:00

I have a severe headache.

I made the decision a little while ago that it would be nice if cteddy supported X11 session management. You see, I like him (-Fdoggy, natch), but not enough to make a point of running him every time I log in. So why not have him run automagically on login?

So very many reasons. To the uninitiated, trying to turn a program into an X11 SMC is absolutely hellish. What annoys me most is that just one tiny piece of missing documentation could probably have saved me several hours: there are four callbacks that can be registered when connecting to the session manager; there is a user-specifiable mask for specifying which callbacks are used; I don't need to do anything in two of the four callbacks, yet SMlib segfaults if I don't at least supply an empty function for one of those two, even if I leave it out of the mask. If things aren't going to work without specifying a particular callback, why allow it to be unspecified!? ARGH!

Anyway... it works. On my machine, at least. Chances of it reporting any errors if it doesn't work, let alone any meaningful ones, are slim to none.

His other new abilities in 0.2 are the ability to float above other windows, and to stick to all desktops. Two things which were both immeasurably easier to implement, thanks to GTK+.



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